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Cedar is perhaps the oldest roofing material in continuous use and is still a viable option for roof replacement today. The interwoven felt used in cedar shake installation creates a durable roof system that is designed to “recycle” moisture beneath the material back out onto the roof surface. Cedar is sold in numerous . . .  More


Composition shingles have been in use in the Pacific Northwest for approximately 60 years. These asphalt shingles draw their name from the fact that they are “composed” of three basic elements – the mat layer, the asphalt layer and the top layer of granules. Asphalt composition shingles have evolved . . . More


Metal roofing products can be some of the most durable and long-lasting roofing products available on the market today. These products come in painted steel and aluminum roof tiles, slate, shingle and shake configurations, as well as the standing seam varieties common to the commercial . . . More

Slate / Tile

Concrete and clay roof systems have long been popular in the Southwest. They provide a durable roof system in a dry climate, but there are some inherent challenges in a high-moisture climate like the Pacific Northwest. These products are available in numerous tile and slate styles, both in full-weight  . . . More


The synthetic roofing product industry currently offers some of the most exciting, cutting-edge roof systems available on the market today. They are manufactured in shake, shingle, slate and tile configurations and are constructed from a variety of materials, including rubber and plastic, both new and   . . . More


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