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The synthetic roofing product industry currently offers some of the most exciting, cutting-edge roof systems available on the market today. They are manufactured in shake, shingle, slate and tile configurations and are constructed from a variety of materials, including rubber and plastic, both new and recycled. There are also products made from a resin and sand composite, as well as cellulose fibers and light-weight concrete. There are even products that utilize recycled tires and cedar sawdust that will turn silver as they age. These products are generally considered permanent roof systems and most carry 50-year manufacturer’s warranties.


Synthetic roof systems are typically marketed as environmentally “green” products and while they do reduce the impact in the landfill caused by the disposal cycle of replacing your roof every 15 to 20 years, most of the marketing hype related to using recycled materials is, at best, an exaggeration. In fact, studies show that the VOC (volatile organic compound) bleed-out rate of recycled versus new rubber or plastic makes the selection of products using recycled rubber or plastic a questionable choice. While the jury is still out, most experts say that this fact, combined with its superior resistance to UV rays and degradation, make new or “virgin” plastic or rubber the superior choice for synthetic roof systems. Some of the synthetic roof styles are listed below.



  • Crowe Building Products Ltd
  • DaVinci Roofscapes
  • Eco-shake
  • EcoStar Carlisle
  • Enviroshake
  • G.E.M. Inc. – EuroShake, EuroSlate, EuroTile
  • Inspire Roofing Products (The Tapco Group)
  • Re-New Wood Inc.
  • Royal Building Products
  • Trimline Building Products
  • Vande Hey Raleigh Mfg. Inc.




www.premiumroofs.com / www.ecostar.carlisle.com








Below are links to several manufacturers’ sites. Remember that manufacturers’ web sites are designed to promote their products and will generally provide you with only positive product information.

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One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a synthetic roof system is its susceptibility to fading due to UV exposure. All synthetic roofing products, whether constructed from rubber, plastic or resin (new or recycled), will fade over time and each individual piece of material will fade at a different rate. Systems that utilize panels that have multiple shingles or tiles embossed on one panel will often produce blocks of different shades, resulting in an unsatisfactory appearance over time. An individual shingle or tile style would be the better choice to maintain a natural appearance. Products that have multiple shades and are factory shuffled provide a real advantage for the installer in producing a random appearance on the roof, as well as providing a more realistic look over time. With their superior life expectancy and ease of maintenance, synthetic roof systems are likely the future of residential roofing.



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6” - 8”